VentureStudio located at Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, aims to nucleate an ecosystem of innovation that accelerates regional economic development and create a national and global impact. VentureStudio believes that practicing design-led approaches to business creation will foster an ecosystem of innovation.

VentureStudio offers a product and business creation oppurtunity at Ahmedabad University, Gujarat, India, through a full-time six-month fellowship program for entrepreneurs, engineers, innovators and designers to learn and practice designing their own companies. Fellows will work in teams to identify critical market needs, generate and prototype novel solutions and develop business models to launch scalable businesses to satisfy such needs.

VentureStudio fellows will be coached by an international team of faculty from Ahmedabad University in collaboration with Center for Design Research at Stanford University. We are also partnering with Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar and National Institute of Design (NID).
Multi-disciplinary platform | Research intensive innovation | Team based ventures | Engaging industry networks

Multi-disciplinary platform

We believe that innovation is a function of the ability to hold multiple perspectives and to bring together ideas from different domains. Multi-disciplinary teams and methods are a key element of generating innovative ventures.

Research intensive innovation

Innovators need an attitude of constantly testing and refining their ideas to succeed in the market. At VentureStudio, we advocate short cycles of going from need to idea to business plan, and then iterating based on feedback from the market. The venture teams are coached not only on the content they are working with but also on the human processes necessary to build a strong founding team and an innovative company culture. Research plays a crucial role in informing our coaching at VentureStudio.

Team based ventures

The success of a venture depends not only on the business plan and innovative ideas, but also on the persistence, passion and discipline of the founding team. Teams are a crucial element to scaling up a venture. Venture investors look closely at the founding team to determine a venture's potential for success. VentureStudio recognizes the importance of teams and specializes in nurturing team-based ventures.

Engaging industry networks

Innovation cannot occur in a vacuum. VentureStudio teams will engage with industry experts and investors right from the start to give themselves the best chance to succeed in the Indian market.

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