What we offer

VentureStudio offers a six-month full-time fellowship program for people with engineering, design, business or arts backgrounds who aspire to start a venture. The program orients the fellows to start team-based technology ventures focusing on scalable innovation. The program follows a design methodology based on research conducted in the field of engineering and product innovation, compiled by the Center for Design Research at Stanford University. Additionally, the fellows are exposed to design principles applied at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands.

We promote fellows to work in teams on real-life and pressing problems to design products and subsequently ventures that add value and create a positive impact in society. In the initial months, fellows, get first-hand experience of application of principles of design, engineering, business, finance and collaboration through a unique methodology that would equip them with the ability to create sustainable ventures. The multi-disciplinary environment of VentureStudio provides the fellows an access to relevant disciplinary knowledge that would support their innovative ideas. 

  • What we offer

  • What you are investing
  • What you gain at the end of 6 months
  • Venture Design Process

    Creative studio environment

    Founding team to accelerate venture success

    Design and engineering development

    Coaching from AU, Stanford, TU Delft, Indian industry and finance

    Access to global pool of technical and business information
  • +
  • 6 months full-time effort

    6 months living expenses to be borne by you*

    The ideas, knowledge and skills you bring to the team

    *Scholarship considered on a need basis
  • =
  • Expertise in the venture design process

    A tested working prototype of your product

    A business plan supported by coaches from industry and finance

    Technical and financial data needed to pitch to investors

    Competitive analysis of the market you are entering

    A team committed to starting a company with you